Weekend Warm-Up: Patagón

Photo: www.montanuswild.com

In 2013, Italian friends Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio launched Montanus, an all-season bikepacking project they describe as “two dudes on bikes and a wild world out there to explore”. Originally from the Abruzzo region in Italy, the duo set out to explore the world on bikes and film their adventures along the way. Since creating Montanus, they have embarked on a number of journeys, including biking expeditions to the Alps, Italy’s Gran Sasson and Laga Mountains National Parks, and a north-south crossing of Iceland.

Photo: www.montanuswild.com

In 2018, they decided to take on a journey inspired by Walter Bonatti’s My Patagonia. Packing rucksacks, inflatable canoes, and camping equipment, they set off to explore Argentina’s southern Patagonia on mountain bikes.

They traveled across mountains, gravel tracks, and bone-chilling rivers, battling ever-changing weather to explore the Austral Andes and ice-blue glacial lakes.

Photo: www.montanuswild.com

Frattale and D’Alessio describe Patagonia as one of the few places that still gives seasoned travelers the feeling of being on the edge of the earth. Their beautifully shot film takes viewers along for the adventure in this remote stretch of Argentina, where the culture of the gauchos lives on.


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Rebecca McPhee

Rebecca is a freelance writer and science teacher based in the UK.

She is a keen traveler and has been lucky enough to backpack her way around parts of Africa, South America, and Asia. With a background in marine biology, she is interested in everything to do with the oceans.

Her areas of expertise include open water sports, marine wildlife and adventure travel.

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1 year ago

Great adventure. Explorers Web might want to also look at another adventurer who has over the past three years bikepacked from the Yukon to Patagonia. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOrCDDpk39gq3jG4ftOO9JXuCONU_p4nM&app=desktop