Video: Andrzej Bargiel’s Ski Descent of Yawash Sar II

Andrzej Bargiel has shared some details of his first ascent and ski of Yawash Sar II.

Yawash Sar II.


The Polish mountaineer, who skied K2 in 2018, summited Yawash Sar II around 11 am on April 30. He then skied down to Base Camp. “The descent itself took about two hours,” Bargiel said. “It was icy at the summit, and we needed ropes.”

He started with Jędrek Baranowski, who climbed halfway, then waited for Bargiel. Then the pair skied the rest of the way together.

Jędrek Baranowski, left, and Andrzej Bargiel.


“We started for the summit early in the morning, which was essential to begin descending early,” Bargiel explained. The afternoon sun hitting the face would increase the avalanche risk.

“The wall was very demanding, especially the summit cone, but the descent was quite enjoyable.”

The team posted a brief video of the descent:

Bargiel and his partners are currently hurrying to their second goal: Laila Peak.

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Benny Smith
Benny Smith
11 months ago

Outstanding project of the Bargiel brothers and J. Baranowski, hope there is more to come! The drone shots are breathtaking.

Last edited 11 months ago by Benny Smith
11 months ago

Exploration at its finest!

11 months ago

Congratulations Andrew! Fantastic effort from the best high altitude skier and his team. Safe travels and many more successful summits!!!