The Latest From K2, Manaslu, and Pastori Peak

Strong winds have swept away the clouds on Manaslu, leaving gorgeous blue skies but no state for climbing. “We are talking about winds between 90 and 170 kph,” Simone Moro wrote.

The team’s weather wizard, Karl Gabl, says that tomorrow or Saturday will be slightly better (with “only” a 60kph wind, Moro wryly notes). Nevertheless, the climbers might grab this important chance to fix the route to Camp 2. With a night at that altitude, they will finish their acclimatization and be ready for a summit push.

A windy Manaslu under blue skies. Photo: Phelipe Eizaguirre


Currently, Alex Txikon is in Base Camp, while Moro has hiked back to the village of Samagaon, along with Vinayat Jay Malla and Tenji Sherpa.

In Pakistan, the K2 summit team, accompanied by Adriana Brownlee and Purja’s photographer, with his indescribable fake-leopard coat (which, according to rumors, was passed on to everyone in BC for glamorous selfies), spent the day in Islamabad.

K2 summiters in Islamabad with Pakistan’s President Arifi Alvi and Tourism Minister Nasir Ali Khan. The fake-leopard coat stands fourth from right, back row. Photo: Alpine Adventure Guides


The climbers will remain in Pakistan for a few days. During this time, they will presumably release more summit pictures and detailed reports of their climb. Meanwhile, Seven Summit Treks leader Chhang Dawa Sherpa remains in Base Camp, along with nearly 30 people.

Today, Dawa shared a video showing what he describes as the “backbone” of the Winter K2 expedition: the porters carrying loads to Base Camp through the winter Karakorum.

Meanwhile, the four Pakistani climbers trying to recover the body of Alex Goldfarb left a cache at Pastori Peak’s Advanced Base Camp today. They then returned to Broad Peak Base Camp for the night. They are supposed to return to the mountain tomorrow to try to retrieve the body, despite bad weather forecasts.

Pastori Peak rescue team before leaving Skardu yesterday. Photo: A. Ali Porik/Jasmine Tours

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1 year ago

You can do better than poke fun at Sandro’s fashion choice. I can understand the criticism if he was wearing a jacket made out of a real leopard skin. Maybe Sandro’s IG post from this morning triggered something in you. It is funny seeing Adriana Brownlee being felicitated at various places along with the summiteers. Not her fault though, I guess in some cases she can’t avoid it.

1 year ago

Are you serious? Sandro wear and took this coat to K2 just for fun so why not to make fun about it?? Do you think that they should be deadly serious?
And yes, Adriana Brownlee is the winner, she choose the proper team to go with 🙂