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Tseng done with Kangchenjunga, Winter K2 Next?

The Kangchenjunga team is back in Kathmandu. Their climb produced Kangchenjunga's first fall season summits since 2004. It also brings Tseng Ko-Erh of Taiwan and Gelje Sherpa of Nepal one step closer to their respective goals. Gelje Sherpa Gelje Sherpa aims to become the youngest climber to comple...

Angela Benavides

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Famous Exploration Ship, the USS Bear, Found at Last

On October 14, the U.S. Coast Guard and the NOAA announced that they had found the long-lost remains of the 135-year-old arctic rescue vesse...

Jilli Cluff

Round-the-World Triathlete Completes 5,000km Run Leg

Jonas Deichmann started his round the world triathlon in September 2020. He has just completed his third leg -- a 5,000km run across Mexico....

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Ash Routen

A Viking Invasion

Until the early years of the 20th century, the only way to reach the island of Grimsey, Iceland’s northernmost inhabited place, was by a mai...

Weekend Warm-Up: Danny MacAskill Retrospective

In 2009, Danny MacAskill posted a video on YouTube that changed his life. Filmed by his flatmate, Inspired Bicycles has been watched more th...

Alex Myall

Science Links of the Week

A passion for the natural world drives many of our adventures. And when we’re not actually outside, we love delving into the discoveries abo...

Updated: Kangchenjunga Summits

Gelje Sherpa and other members of his team have reached the 8,586m summit of Kangchenjunga at 1 pm local time. Seven Summit Treks' CEO Ch...

Angela Benavides

Kruder Sends Sharma’s Mallorca Deep Water Solo Test Piece Days After Schubert

This morning, Jernej Kruder confirmed via Instagram that he had sent Chris Sharma's 2016 deep water solo route Alasha. The send on the coast...

Sam Anderson

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