Everest: Mingma G Begins Fast, No-O2 Summit Push

Mingma Gyange, aka Mingma G, is unstoppable this year. After summiting K2 in winter with his Nepali partners, he led the rope-fixing team on Annapurna. Now he has set off toward the summit of Everest on a fast, two-day push without supplementary oxygen.

Mingma G leads a team on Everest with his company, Imagine Nepal. Like many other teams, they are already poised in Camp 4 to begin the first massive push of the season.

“I will climb to Camp 2, then tomorrow night I will join my team from Camp 4 to the summit of Everest,” he wrote.

The tomorrows/todays may be somewhat confusing because of the different time zones and the exact moment when his post appeared on social media. But it seems that he intends to summit on Wednesday, one day after the first wave of climbers.

Txikon leaves

Alex Txikon has taken the opposite direction and called off his own no-O2 attempt because of the rampant spread of COVID-19 in Nepal and specifically in the mountains. For the time being, Kilian Jornet and David Goettler are staying and going ahead with their plans, whatever they are.

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11 months ago

Thought Mingma G might come back to K2 and help to find missing Sadpara, Mohr and Snorri since he could know where to find

Last edited 11 months ago by Annj
11 months ago
Reply to  Annj

He is going back this summer.

11 months ago

Covid is a killer..
Everest is a killer..
Where do we rest?

11 months ago

Pakistani youngest climber also has summit Everest recently.