Breaking: Georgians Summit Saraghrar NW

The Georgian team led by Archil Badriashvili has made it! Today at 3:30 pm local time, Badriashvili, Baqar Gelashvili, and Giorgi Tepnadze summited the previously unclimbed face of 7,349m Saraghrar NW in the Hindu Kush.
The three are currently descending and will not reach Base Camp until tomorrow. Their plan, according to outfitter Terichmir Travels, is to overnight at around 7,000m.

Although the Georgian climbers have not enjoyed a lot of press, they have an impressive background of highly technical new routes and first ascents.

The rocky face they climbed was attempted unsuccessfully at least three times by Spanish expeditions. It’s still unknown whether they went in a single push, in alpine style or with previously fixed sections. But there is no easy way up that face. They also carried out their expedition in an isolated part of Pakistan’s Chitral. Overall, this could be one of the most interesting climbs this year.

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7 months ago

Kudos to the unsung Georgian heroes 🤗 . Let’s hope they soon give us more details of their climb. While the media attention lies mainly with the sponsored “expeditions” in Nepal and their skiing stunts, climbers write history in Pakistan unnoticed, such as today’s summit of Rakaposhi by Pakistani mountaineer Wajidullah Nagri and two Czech companions, which, though its progress was on Pakistani social media for at least 10 days, got no attention till today.

Jordi Colomer
Jordi Colomer
7 months ago

Congratulations to Georgian climbers !! Very nice, we know. We intent Saraghrar NW in 1975 and 1977. Very dificult and very long. I am very happy.!!