Annapurna Update: Climbers in Camp 2

The summit push on Annapurna I (8,091 m) is in progress along the normal, north side route. Here is what we know:

It snowed in Annapurna range last night. Photo: Pemba Sherpa


8K Expeditions

Kristin Harila writes from Camp 2, “Feeling great so far. Weather not good, but will [improve]. Tonight we start the climb to Camp 3.”

Allie Pepper’s tracker indicates that at 1.15 pm local time, she was also in Camp 2, at 5,624m.

According to 8K Expeditions team’s manager, Pemba Sherpa, a huge snowfall hit the Annapurna range, including Base Camp and the higher camps. “All our members are safe,” said Pemba. “We are looking good condition to push for summit.”

Allie Pepper’s tracker.


We have not much information on the other teams, including Seven Summit Treks. But Adriana Brownlee’s tracker indicates that at 12:05 pm local time, she was at 5,042m. Over two hours later, at 2:30 pm, her tracker indicated 5,058m, considerably lower than the 8K Expeditions team.

It seems that Brownlee, who climbs with Gelje Sherpa, had stopped by then. Shortly afterward, her tracker turned off.

Adriana Brownlee’s tracker.


Grace Tseng and her team have also posted no news.

As we reported yesterday, Juan Pablo Sarjanovich of Argentina has given upon Annapurna. He left Base Camp and he is trekking back down.

The teams plan to reach Camp 3 (6,500m) on Sunday, April 17. A difficult section awaits the climbers between Camp 2 and Camp 3. On April 18,  they plan to reach Camp 4, in order to summit the following day.

Mountain Forecast predicts better weather on Sunday-Monday, with just some snow showers Monday evening.

Weather forecast on Annapurna at 6,500m. Photo: Mountain Forecast

@KrisAnnapurna reports about outdoor activities, current expeditions, and stories related to the history of mountaineering in the Karakoram, Himalaya, Tien Shan, and other ranges.

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Jo Schmo
Jo Schmo
11 days ago

Where do you find the climbers trackers?

Jerry Kobalenko
10 days ago
Reply to  Jo Schmo

On their social media.

10 days ago

Romanian team with Laura Mares and Justin Ionescu are also in C2.